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Boston Terrier
Boston Terrier

Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.
Loved and owned by Jelena and Sasa Grujic

Hi and welcome to the online home of D’Iva Boston Terrier kennel with specific interest of breeding/showing Boston Terriers.
We are small family kennel, located in Belgrade, capital city of Serbia. Our kennel is registered in FCI and KSRS under registration number 6865. For us Boston Terriers are truly “The Best Breed on the planet “. We have an extremely high standard for our breeding program, always following FCI Boston Terrier standard. Our main goal is to continually strive for excellence in appearance, but above all health and temperament, because we consider it all very important for our breed. Dog breeding is like any creative art and combination of “science “, but our Boston Terrier Kennel most of all it’s about hard work and learning all the time, and huge love. And if you do what you love, it’s the best way to relax.

Great text to read why to buy a puppy from reputable show breeders:
Congratulations on your new Boston Terrier!

Please read-FCI standard for boston terriers: