NDS & IDS Medjugorje Bosnia & Herzegovina, our results are:
T-Bo’s Gentleman for D’Iva Boston – 2XJCAC 2XJBOB BOB 2XJBOG JUNIOR BEST IN SHOW – 2, JUNIOR BEST IN SHOW – 3 New junior champion BIH !
Boston Style Russian King – 2XCAC 2XCACIB 2XBOB BOG2 ! New Champion BIH

IDS Čanj (Montenegro), T-Bo’s Gentleman for D’Iva Boston, Junior class, V1 JCAC JBOB BOB! IDS Čanj 2 T-Bo’s Gentleman for D’Iva Boston, R. JUNIOR BEST IN SHOW, BEST OF GROUP, JCAC JBOB BOB, New Junior champion Montenegro.

 NDS Kumanovo, Boston Style Russian King, V1 CAC BOB BOG3, NEW Champion North Macedonia!

On 19th and 20th September our dashing young boy-Boston Style Russian King attended two International Dog Shows in Bulgaria and made us proud as always with his results! He won CAC, CACIB and BEST OF BREED on both shows and with this results he became new Ch of Bulgaria! Way to go our dear boy!

On 1st September we attended 2 International dogs shows in Montenegro and we made the best result and came home with style!
Our boy Boston Style Russian King won CACIB titles on both shows and started his way toward international champion title, he also won breed on both shows and cherry on top of the cake was him winning BEST IN SHOW! We are immensely proud on him, and he is new Ch of Montenegro!
Also our young star D’Iva Boston Miss Kiss. made a debut on show first time in junior class and won on both shows junior best of breed and became JCh of Montenegro! She shined in ring indeed!

27.6.2020 NDS CAC Kostolac T-Bo’s Gentleman for D’Iva Boston JCAC JBOB BOB Judge Ms. Dragana Bujisic Vasiljevic & NDS CAC Bozevac night show on the same day T-Bo’s Gentleman for D’Iva Boston JCAC JBOB BOB BOG2 Judge Mr. Mica Nikolic. Pik needs one more title to close his championship, but unfortunately all shows are canceled due to pandemic. But hopefully when this all passes he will be in the ring.

20.6.2020. NDS CAC Kragujevac Boston Style Russian King JCAC JBOB BOB New Junior champion Serbia! Judge Marija Radovanovic Muncan

NDS Indjija 13.06.2020. 570dogs entered – Boston Style Russian King
JCAC JBOB BOB JBOG JBIS3, D’Iva Boston Miss Kiss VP1 Puppy BOB Puppy BIS2 Judge breed Mr.Sinisa Sancanin Judge puppy BIS Mr.Dusan Paunovic, Judge JBOG Ms Sipos Marta Judge JBIS Mr.Sinisa Savic

IDS CACIB Becej 2020 – After a long time without shows due to Covid 19 we were finally able to get back to ring with our young star Boston Style Russian King who really made us proud with his results! On International dog show in Bečej on 06.06.2020. our Russian King started his Serbian junior champion title in big style, he won JCAC, JBOB, BOB, JBOG and Junior Best in Show IV!!! Way to go dear boy!

IDS Belgrade 8.3.2020 D’Iva Boston Miss Kiss
VP1,baby bob and shortlisted in baby best in show
And Heartily Lux Panamera CAC, CACIB

Heartily Lux Panamera 2xCAC 1xCACIB 2xBOB BOG2 New International champion Boston Style Russian King 2xJCAC 2x JBOB New Junior champion Macedonia T-Bo Gentleman for D’Iva Boston 2xVP1 2xBaby BOB 1xBaby BEST IN SHOW 1xR.Baby BEST IN SHOW

Thank you all judges MrMargineanu Calin MrMitko Ilkanovski MrGoran Cevleto MrDragan Gage Kitanoski