Dog is the only thing on earth that
loves you more than he loves himself

When we have puppies our home is full of love, happiness and laughter, they are our treasure. We are breeding for betterment of the breed, so we are very selective with dogs who are in our breeding program.

We raise our puppies with lot of love and dedication. We enjoy looking them grow in healthy, happy, playful dogs full of life and energy. That is precisely why we dedicate so much attention to health tests and temperament of dogs we use in breeding. Our puppies can’t leave our home before they are dewormed and fully vaccinated. We are choosing very carefully new families for our puppies. For us is equally important that you are happy with your new family member, your Boston Terrier Puppies as he is with you. We love to be included and to keep track of our puppies lives after they leave our home. We are here for future owners to help them with our experience in all we can, potty training, vet check, etc., or just to share their happiness, cause life with Boston Terrier puppy is certainly not dull.

So if you want exactly D’Iva Boston baby feel free to contact us so we can meet and that we both are sure that you are ready for our puppy, but have on mind if you do get a puppy from us, we are coming in package. We would welcome you in our Boston Terrier family.

Here are our litters:

Sunwood Code of Honor X D'Iva Boston Regina - GIRLS AVAILABLE
Sunwood Code of Honor X D'Iva Boston Carera
Quiggin's M&M D'Iva Boston X D'Iva Boston Miss Nairobi
Cicrcle J’S Me and Mrs Jones X Heartily Lux Panamera
Primo Cavaliere Toto Le Moko X Campbel Clan’s Sugar Rush
T-Bo’s Gentleman for D’iva Boston X D’iva Boston Miss Kiss