Soooooo perfect news for the end of perfect 2021! Euro Dog Show BUDAPEST – Quiggin’s M&M D’Iva Boston, New Junior European Winner & JBOB, Judge was Mr. Nemanja Jovanovic, JBOB Judge Mr. Jason Hoke. D’Iva Boston Taylor VP2 2/8 Baby vice european winner judged by Mr.Jason Hoke, co-owner Milan and Milena Ognjanovic, D’Iva Boston Mr Aramis, Open class Ex, V3 3/18 judged by Mr. Nemanja Jovanovic, owned by Cristina Borssati! D’Iva Boston Tesla was V3 in baby class, owned by Janne Seldal-Kristiansen.

 Hot news from Montenegro! JWW Quiggin’s M&M D’Iva Boston, 2xJCAC 2xJBOB 2xBOB
JUNIOR BEST IN SHOW – 2, New Junior champion Montenegro!

Our young boy Quiggin’s M&M D’Iva Boston got JUNIOR WORLD WINNER title with only 9 months and 10 days!!!I am immensely proud and happy!Also huge congratulations to my friends and Sarma’s breeders Kristina Subasic and Igor Mioc for winning WORLD WINNER and BEST OF BREED with Sarma’s mother Milica!Thanks for great judgment to Mr Rafael First!

25& 16.9.2021 2xIDS & 1NDS Mostar Bosnia and Hercegovina – Quiggin’s M&M D’Iva Boston – 3xJCAC 3xJBOB 3xBOB BOG2 BOG JUNIOR BEST IN SHOW JUNIOR BEST IN SHOW 3BEST IN SHOW 3 Judge Mr Pero Celebic Ms Tijana Konrad Mr Dusan Paunovic Judge JBIS Mr Tino Pehar and Mr Nikola Konrad New Junior Champion BIH

19.9.2021– NDS Kumanovo & Specijality show Kumanovo, in North Macedonia! Quiggin’s M&M D’Iva Boston – 2xJCAC 2xJBOB 2xBOB BOG3 & Junior Best in Show. Thank you judges Mr. Stefan Dimitrijevic, and Mr. Dalibor Antic. Our perfect boy with this titles became Junior Champion of Nort Macedonia

28 & 29.08.2021 – 2 X IDS + NDS Posušje D’Iva Boston Carera 3 X Baby BIS! Thanks to judges Miodrag Vretenicic, Vibor Jezek and Rade Dakic.
2xIDS Mavrovo and speciality 9 group from 31.7-1.8.2021 our little boy again have big results – Quiggin’s M&M D’Iva Boston3xVP13xPuppy BOB2xPuppy Best in show1xPuppy r. Best in showThanks all judges Mr Jane Serafimov Mr Goran Cevleto Mr Dragan Kitanoski

4 dog shows in Bosnia and Herzegovina 2xCAC and 2xCACIB Siroki Brijeg 26-27.7.2021, and fantastic results for our kennel, and our boy who is not still junior but rocks all around, so: Quiggin’s M&M D’Iva Boston – supreme puppy Best in Show, 3xpuppy BIS, 1xpuppy R.BIS! Judges: Mr. Zlatko Kraljic Mr Darko Gegovski . Mr. Vibor Jezek Mr. Radovan Mazalica Mr. Vojislav Brajovic Mr. Nebojsa Svraka

19.06.2021 – National Dog Show in Velika Greda, Serbia – Quiggin’s M&M D’Iva Boston, rock all around once again with puppy BOB and PUPPY BIS! Judge: Turi Lajos, Serbia.

5.6.2021. NDS CAC Kragujevac Quiggin’s M&M D’Iva Boston, at his very first dog show ever, done really well and made us all very proud! VP1 Baby BOB and finally Baby Best in show, breed judge was MS. Dragana Bujisic Vasiljevic, and BIS judge was Anna-Maria Jedut! At the same dog show our champion Boston Style Russian King got CAC and BOB under the judge MS. Dragana Bujisic Vasiljevic!

29.5 – 1.6..2021 Dog shows in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenergro! Boston Style Russian King – SUPREME BEST IN SHOW! BEST IN SHOW! 2XBEST OF GROUP! 5XBEST OF BREED New Grand Ch BIH! New Grand Ch MNE! Judges were Mr. Vasko Mudresa, Mr. Miodrag Vretenicic, Mr. Zoran Cikic, Mr. Srecko Kukic and Mr. Vinko Biletic!